Slide Adopt a Pink Duck, support women
with breast cancer
and win a golden duck
set with diamonds.



Sunday March 6th, 2022


Pink Ducks already adopted

Pink Ducks already adopted

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Help us fight breast cancer

Help us fight breast cancer

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What is Pink Duck Race?

Seize this unique opportunity to be part of the first Pink Duck Race in Portugal!

On Sunday 6th of March 2022, Think Pink Europe will “release” 20,000 pink ducks into a flowing river. Every Pink Duck will have its unique number. The first duck to cross the finishing line will be the winner. The first prize is an exclusive gold piece of jewellery set with diamonds (value 5,000 euros).

Adopt one or more pink ducks and support us. With your contributions, we can continue to promote our breast cancer campaigns.

This first edition of Pink Duck Race Portugal will be held in the beautiful city Braga. Your support is vital. With your help we can continue to give people with breast cancer the best possible treatment and care.


Adopt me

adopt me

Pink Duck Race

Adopt a Pink Duck,
support women with breast cancer
and win a duck in gold set with diamonds.


After the race not a single duck will be left behind

and will be reused for the next Pink Duck Race.

That’s a promise to you, to our planet, to the ducks.

· 1 in 8 women ·

Think Pink Europe

together for women's health

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Your support is vital

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life?

This means that every year, in Europe, 500,000 people will get breast cancer and 125,000 will sadly pass away.
Breast cancer campaigns all over Europe are working hard to raise awareness about the disease. Recognising possible warning signs of breast cancer and taking prompt action leads to early diagnosis and saves lives.

Your actions have the power to show every woman that her life matters. Your support helps us to continue our campaigns to fight breast cancer.

Support Think Pink Europe
and the fight against breast cancer.

Partners Think Pink Europe


Braga, Portugal

Braga is a city of great beauty and rich heritage, combining tradition and innovation, memory and youth, creativity and conservatism.

With more than 2000 years and a very rich history, it has one of the oldest Sacred Mounts in Europe and the flagship of the Minho region: Bom Jesus. Also in Braga we can find the oldest Cathedral of Portugal and the Mother House of the Benedictines, the Monastery of Tibães.

Braga has places that, due to their intrinsic devotion and beauty, are a point of reference and an obligatory visit. The Sanctuary of Sameiro, the Bom Jesus and the Falperra, all of them with an attractive religious base, are surrounded by fascinating green spaces and paradisiacal landscapes.

The Roman legacy is another attractive factor in Braga, often called the “Portuguese Rome”, stemming from its origins in the Roman city of Bracara Augusta. Known for its numerous churches, splendid 18th century houses, gardens, parks and leisure areas. Braga’s long history is visible in all the splendour of its monuments, museums and churches.

To visit Braga is to take a journey back in time into modernity. An ancient city of traditional religiosity, always imposing in its richness and majesty – it lives alongside the entrepreneurial spirit and young spirit in such vital sectors as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry and services.

Enjoy Braga! From here go out to explore the Gerês, the North of Portugal and Galicia, but come back! Come back because here you are close to everything.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing you talk about us!

*** welcome

Braga Portugal

the best of Portugal



support our projects

Rosa Vida
Rosa Vida

become a partner


Rosa Vida

QOLP – ROSA VIDA, Quality Onco Life is a physical exercise program that is properly adapted to the condition of women undergoing breast cancer treatment, where they are applied by professionals with specific training, personalized intensity controlled exercises, promoting the decreased side effects of chemotherapy such as reduced muscle mass, loss of mobility and functionality of the affected limb.
Creation of a certifiable model for the application of physical exercise (PE) during and after treatments, with the aim of reducing the side effects of these and thus increasing the quality of life of cancer patients.

ROSA VIDA is a non-profit association whose main mission is to improve the quality of life of patients with breast cancer.

In 2017, created the G.A.O. (Oncology Support Office), where a team, which includes doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, exercise technicians and nutritionists, intervenes not only at the level of the patient diagnosed with cancer, but also in their family structure and their informal caregivers

In all events organized by the Association, 100% of the funds raised revert to support cancer patients without economic resources to resort to treatments and services related to the recovery from oncological disease.

Life is not always a Rose,
but the Rose means Life.

Partners Rosa Vida


Exclusive Jewel

This unique precious jewel Is designed especially for the Pink Duck Race.

This golden duck, to be worn as a brooch or pendant, is set with diamonds and handmade by


  • duck in 18 karats rose gold
  • ribbon in 18 karats white gold
  • set with diamonds
  • Size 25 mm x 30 mm
  • Value: 5,000 euros

golden duck

Golden Duck Jewel
Golden Duck

value 5000 €

With special thanks to our Pink Duck Race partner

Adopt a Pink Duck for €5

Be part of the Pink Duck Race.
Adopt Pink Ducks, support Think Pink Europe and win an unique golden duck set with diamonds. With your help we can continue to give people with breast cancer the best possible treatment with care.

Adopt your Pink Ducks here


After the adoption of  the Pink Ducks, you will receive a unique number by e-mail. This is your ticket for your duck at the Race. The buyer of this adoption-ticket is the legal owner of this number.

Support us with your company


Contact us if you want to adopt larger numbers of Pink Ducks. We can help you with your personalised communication and social media and provide you an invoice.

Pink Duck Race


Pink Ducks

On Tour

Follow up on the latest adventures of our Pink Ducks on tour in Portugal.

Competition Rules

Pink Duck Race Portugal 2022

  1. The organisation of this tombola is done by the non-profit organisation Think Pink Europe, established in Brussels, Belgium.
  2. Anyone can participate by adopting one or more Pink Ducks through the online purchase on the webshop. 20,000 Pink Ducks with unique numbers are available.
  3. The Pink Duck Race competition will be organised on Sunday 6th March 2022. The day and time can be changed by the organisation to a later date. All participants will be notified by mail of this at least 48 hours in advance.
  4. The competition that will indicate the winning lottery ticket takes place by randomly launching all participating Pink Ducks with unique numbers in a flowing watercourse. The Pink Duck that crosses the finish line first, is the winner of the grand prize, who will be announced via the social media channels of Think Pink Europe.
  5. The first prize is a unique jewel in gold and set with diamonds to be collected by appointment three months after the competition at the administrative office of Think Pink Europe, pa Ter Zwaanhoek 34, 8400 Oostende, Belgium. In consultation between the winner and the organisation, other arrangements can be made, such as secured shipping. If the prize is not collected within three months after the competition and the planned announcement, it will automatically become the property of vzw Think Pink Europe.
  6. The winners will be announced via publication on the day of the Pink Duck Race on the Pink Duck Race page at No appeal is possible against this result. When adopting a Pink Duck you agree with these competition rules. All correspondence about this competition should be addressed to the non-profit organisation Think Pink Europe p.a. Ter Zwaanhoek 34, 8400 Ostend, Belgium or by email to
  7. No correspondence will be held about the regulations, the course of the Pink Duck Race, the organisation and the irrevocable result of the Pink Duck Race. There is no recourse against the decisions of the organisation that decides completely autonomously.

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